Better Healing Through Psychiatry: Dr. Pablo Jeczmien

July 25, 2017
Dr. Pablo Jeczmien has been a psychiatrist for well over 30 years, and he has been working hard to make himself better at helping patients heal. That is one reason he has chosen to conduct research into the connection between the body and the mind. It’s the main reason he made a critical decision a few years ago and gave up his management and teaching duties, so that he could dedicate as much time as possible to learning as much as possible about the fields of Anthroposophical Medicine and Anthroposophical Psychotherapy. Those disciplines study the best ways to bridge the gap between body and mind and how to apply that knowledge to build a better clinical practice.

As an esteemed psychiatrist, Dr. Pablo Jeczmien is now considered an expert on many subjects in the mental health field, including depression, anxiety disorders and PTSD. His study of the mind-body connection as part of the healing process has led him to take a more holistic approach to his practice. He is able to nurture greater healing while using far less medication than previously.